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Wealth Planning Solutions

Wealth Planning Solutions

CBH Bank offers Wealth Planning Solutions which comprise global expertise in international wealth planning, as well as investment solutions.

For CBH Bank looking after your wealth goes beyond the management of your assets in the bank. Evolving and complex environments, as well as the decisions and changes in your life may have a big impact on your financial wealth, as everything is connected. We therefore provide you and your family with long-term bespoke Wealth Planning Solutions.

Succession Planning

Understanding your priorities and knowing your family and entrepreneurial situation is the starting point to providing you with tailored advisory. Together we define the best strategies to structure, preserve, grow and pass on your private and professional wealth to your loved ones. We also offer solutions to organize and protect your professional business through an adapted Family Business Governance. And we advise on philanthropic solutions centered on your ideals.

Trusts and Foundations

Some families set up Trusts to hold the shares of the family company or real estate projects, as these instruments are extremely useful for asset protection. Trusts are an excellent tool for protecting a family’s assets from any possible threat inside or outside their home country, because the assets are transferred into the possession of the trustee.

Similarly, Foundations can be used for wealth protection. They are particularly suited to achieve charitable, educational, scientific or literary goals. Its legal form gives you complete freedom to decide how to invest your assets and keep control on distributions.

Life Insurance Solutions

Life Insurance policies are regularly used by families in order to structure their investment portfolios and to ensure a family’s financial security in the event of a tragic loss. A huge variety of life insurance products exist around the world today. CBH Bank will support you in understanding its complex mechanisms, as well as coordinate discussions with brokers ensuring the highest standards in terms of ethics, skills, quality of service and respect of privacy are met.

Real Estate Financing

We work with you on your financing strategy and we select the products and partners that will best suit your needs and personal situation. We can also assist you in finding the real estate you are looking for, as well as manage the structuring of your purchase and the transaction.

Aviation and Yacht Financing

We coordinate the whole process from financial review, proposal, credit underwriting, documentation, to closing, so that you receive your funding when you need it. You receive our professional service from start to finish: this frees your time to focus on your business.

Art Financing

Fine art can be a significant source of liquidity and financial flexibility, and we can help you find it within your private collection, while keeping every piece in your possession. We will review together your full financial picture while a third-party expert evaluates your artwork’s current market value. We will then coordinate with the leading financial institutions specialized in art financing to address your most pressing priorities.

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